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Build a business you love… that fuels your life!

The Blueprint Model

by shanna skidmore

You're endlessly hustling,

Imagine learning the exact blueprint to running a thriving creative business

...and every time you need to make a business expenditure, your palms sweat—what if you don’t have enough to pay the bills? Most days, you feel like your schedule’s running YOU… and it’s time to go another week without paying yourself as penance. After eyeing that pile of client work on your desk, you shout to your hubs in the living room to hit record on your show: it’s gonna be a late night for you… again.

Let me guess...

so there’s no more scratching your head about how many clients to take on or breaking out in a cold-sweat at family events thinking of the pile of work due… yesterday.

only to see pennies in your bank account 
and an inbox full of emails waiting to be answered...

What if you could know with certainty you're doing the right things at the right time to grow your business?

I get it – you’re chasing creative dreams and building a business, but analysis paralysis sets in every few days: What’s that something? Should you start worrying about a plan to actually start having Friday Paydays? Track your time for better productivity? Grow your email list? 

What will actually make a difference?

Before your coffee’s gone cold, classic “can’t see the forest for the trees” syndrome sets in—you could use a hand shifting through the “should do’s” and focusing on the essential must-do’s.

Totally changed my life!

Shanna gets you to look at all the stuff you've been avoiding and shows you the stuff that's actually going to make a difference. I feel like you are Nanny 911. If I had known all this was possible in the beginning, I could have saved so many years of suffering and struggling and at the end of the year having nothing left over, nothing to show for all my hard work. You have totally changed my life.

Floret Flowers

Erin Benzakein

Imagine instead...

No more financial stress & anxiousness about money
No more guesswork when it comes to your pricing 
No more spinning your wheels trying to do #allthethings
No more feeling overworked and underpaid
No more feeling scattered, disorganized and generally just chaotic
Less time wasted wondering what you’re supposed to do next

You’re tired of burnout, stress, not making what you're worth, and spending more time making a living than making a life

— it's time to pause and start again, this time with the blueprint you've been longing for!

You can make a living doing what you love and know with certainty you are building a business that will actually support the lifestyle of your dreams.

Let me show you a better way...

Ready to stop spinning your wheels?

completely altered the way I run my business

My brand and business has transformed since meeting Shanna. She completely altered the way I view and run my business. There is just so much business aspects that goes into having your own business, obviously, but I just wasn’t expecting that. I felt like I was working my tail off painting all the time and there really wasn’t much to show for it. I knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know what it was yet. Shanna’s strategy provides both the groundwork and follow through for new and established businesses to chart a course of success that ultimately frees us up to do what we do best - create! 

Britt Bass Fine Art

Britt bass turner

Learn my secret to building a profitable business

Ready to make money doing what you love? I'd love to help!

If you’re tired of burn-out, weary of not making what you’re worth, and feel that hustle, grind, striving, and fast-lane living will snuff art your go-getter fire …  let's get back to the basics of business and build a business model that will actually support the lifestyle of your dreams!

that fuels both my wallet and my life!


The Blueprint Model™



The Blueprint Model is your a-z guide to starting, growing, or rescuing your business! You'll learn everything you need from pricing to operations, branding to marketing, financial planning to boundaries. This comprehensive accelerated 9-week online business course is a MUST for any entrepreneur wanting to make real money working for themselves, without sacrificing every waking hour to the non-stop hustle!

In my signature accelerated 9-week online business program, I'll walk you through my proven step-by-step blueprint to build the business plan you've needed since day one: a solid foundation with clearly-defined services, pricing based on real numbers, and a plan to steward those (exciting new) profits. It's lifted the load off thousands of weary creatives, and no matter where you are in business, it's going to help you, too.

to grow the business you want!

The education you need

Think of this as an MBA for your creative business minus the stuffy classroom + years of student loan debt.

The Blueprint Model includes

over 25 business training videos, exclusive access to my 15 financial tracking documents, a 60 page follow-along student workbook + bonuses galore.


This curriculum is everything you need, and nothing else, to grow the business of your dreams!

So Let's talk friend to friend for a quick sec

You want a profitable, sustainable business that supports the kind of lifestyle you actually want to live?

But even though “profitable” is such a buzz-word, it’s the sustainable part that we’re all desperate for. SUSTAINABLE : able to be maintained. >>>> You can only run on empty so long. <<<< That's what makes my approach to business so different. It stems from my core belief that: Business doesn’t have to mean hustle and client-work grind ‘til midnight. It doesn’t have to mean skipping paydays. It can mean margin, and it can mean rest.

Do you ever feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around? This is actually one of the most common reasons my students decide to go through one of my business programs. Yes, yes … they “know” they need to figure out their finances because *obviously* who doesn’t want to take a steady paycheck from their business?? 🙋‍♀️

That's what I'm all about!

Learning to create a profitable business is, well, essential. But learning to create a sustainable one —one that doesn’t dictate every waking moment of your life —that’s equally important.

Let me show you a better way...

"Overwhelmed" doesn't have to be your mode of operation

The Blueprint Model is an accelerated 9-week online business and finance program created specifically for entrepreneurs. It’s your a-z blueprint for starting and growing a profitable (actually puts money in your pocket), sustainable (doesn’t sacrifice your life to the non-stop hustle), and life-enriching business! 

"Shanna is like the best friend that comes over when you’re in your PJs with messy hair, your kids are crying and the dishes are piled high. She sees all of the dirty laundry and offers help, encouragement,  and a pathway to an organized and healthy life."

carrie moe, blueprint graduate


My blueprint for business success

The Blueprint Model



Whether you want to turn your side-hustle dream into your full-time reality, transform your existing business, or turn your passion into profit, The Blueprint Model will help you:

Price for profit on every project, every time
Pay yourself on a consistent, monthly basis without worrying about having enough 
Attract more ideal clients and build an audience of raving fans
Balance your work and home life without sacrificing what you love most
Create a sales goal and a financial plan to steward those profits with intention
Have Confidence you’re doing the right things to grow your business
Budget your money and invest wisely in your business

Define success and clarify your business vision
Increase your sales and profits
Focus and prioritize your time
Charge what your worth 
Get more done in less time
Understand your business finances

The Blueprint Model includes nine core building blocks making up the accelerated 9-week program, as well as bonus masterclasses, step-by-step video tutorials, and made-for-you templates to transform your business in less than 90 days and give you tools you’ll use day in and day out to run your business. 

The Core Curriculum

building block one

Maya Angelou says “success is liking yourself, liking what you do, liking how you do it.” Most of us start our creative pursuits out of a passion for the work or the hope of a better way of living but it doesn’t take too many long nights and upset customers to lose that vision. That’s why we begin The Blueprint Model with what I believe is the most important step, resetting our vision compass and defining what a truly “successful” business looks like.

In building block one you’ll learn : How to redefine success and ensure you are building the right business model for the lifestyle you desire. You’ll uncover the WHY of your business, your vision and mission statements and ultimately the direction you want to go by walking step by step through my Core Motivators™ assessment. Gaining confidence in your next steps and ensuring progress towards what really matters.

No. 1



Vision Casting

Permission to build a business on your terms 

Clarity in your next steps & confidence you’re moving in the right direction

A framework for sorting the good ideas from the best ideas and stop wasting time and money on rabbit trails that lead nowhere (or nowhere you want to be!)

Clearly defined definition of success and freedom from comparison

Renewed vision and inspiration for your business

Learn how to stay inspired and avoid burnout

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block two

building block two

“It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.” - Mary O’Connor. Let me guess, you love the idea of “working smarter, not harder” but have no idea how to actually do that in your business! Most days you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels to keep up with everyone else but without seeing results. Do you really have to post on social 3xs a day to stay relevant? It’s time you spend less time working in the back end of your business and more time living and working on the creative sides that bring you joy!

In building block two you’ll learn : exactly how to analyze your business activities to put your energy where it counts. I’ll show you exactly how I analyze the products I’m producing, where I’m spending my time (like social media and marketing), and how to attract more ideal clients to make the biggest impact in your business. Using my proven 4-quad productivity framework you’ll have a tool to use for years to come to help you put your energy where it counts and be more effective. 

No. 2



Work less, Accomplish More.

Learn exactly how to prioritize your time for the best results

Understand return on investment and how you can accomplish more without working more

Be more effective by measuring results, not time

Stop spinning your wheels! Yes, Please!

Know exactly how to work smarter not harder

Put your energy where it counts

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block three

building block three

Feeling invisible and hearing crickets? You know your product is great but if no one is buying you’re getting nowhere! In this building block I’ll share with you the exact process I use to identify my ideal client, speak directly to them in all my marketing efforts, and create an audience of raving fans who can’t wait to buy and tell their friends! I’ve created products and services from day one that have sold out to capacity using this step-by-step marking method. Here’s what I’ve learned : Marketing is about telling the right story, to the right audience, with the right solution to offer. It doesn’t have to feel pushy, sleazy or inauthentic! 

Building Block three is all about authentic, strategic and effective marketing.

No. 3



Raving Fans & Brand Advocates

Create products and services that fly off the shelf

Market effectively to your ideal customer 

How to maintain a cohesive message in all your marketing, website and brand

Convert followers to buyers

Cut the confusion of what you offer and eliminate the purchase barriers 

Identify and serve the right people 

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block four

building block four

Systemize, streamline and simplify your processes to get out from behind the computer and spend more time creating! As a really smart guy once said (ahem, Albert Einstein), "Never memorize anything you can look up." We are creatures of habit and so are our brains. When we establish routines, we can carry out tasks faster since we don't have to think about the task.

In building block four, you’ll learn: How to simplify your life, streamline your systems and reclaim your sanity. I’ll show you how to create your owners manual starting with the two most used “recipes” in your business: client workflows and production workflows. I’ll hand over my exact steps to creating a client on-boarding experience that will WOW your clients (without being tied to your email), as well as a production process that doesn’t leave you asking “did I remember to do that"? Let’s turn off that constant scrolling to-do list aka “business brain” and get back to having a life outside your work! 

No. 4



Save time with Workflows

Eliminate decision fatigue

Create streamlined processes 

Create a wow-worthy client experience

Allow your brain to turn off and actually have “non-work” hours!

A step-by-step workflow from marketing to booking to project completion

Create a repeatable process and eliminate the constant fear of forgetting something

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block five

building block five

Feeling stretched too thin? This might just be my favorite building block as we start looking at the value of your time. You’ll walk through my TimeBank productivity framework which is sure to change the way you think about the hours in your day! I’ll share with you over twenty-five
life-changing productivity hacks so you can cut the chains from your computer and get back to living more life!

In building block five you’ll learn: my tried and true strategies for eliminating email stress and not be chained to your desk, productivity hacks that have given me my time back, how to value your time and use it to your advantage, essential boundaries to establish if you work from home and have kids, or just want to stop feeling rushed, and how to batch your schedule to produce more results, faster! 

No. 5



Life-changing Productivity Hacks

Establish healthy boundaries for your yes’s and no’s in order to take on what is manageable instead of continuously overpromising

Stop feeling overrun by your inbox and in a constant state of panic that something is being forgotten

Spend less time behind the computer screen and more time living

Wake up energized for the day and not tired the moment you get up

Exactly how I batch my schedule to maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

How to build dreamy elements into your schedule to stay energized and in love with being an entrepreneur

Extinguish the feeling of being stretched too thin all the time!

How to communicate effectively with clients. I’m handing over my exact language and email templates!

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block six

building block six

If you have a great product or service, which I am positive you do or are on the way towards building, you owe it to yourself, your clients and your family to learn how to manage your finances effectively. As Kanye says “money isn’t everything, but not having it is!” You’re tired of going at it alone, trying to figure out something you’ve never been taught, and talking to a “professional” just sounds daunting! 

In building block six you’ll learn: How to make managing your money easy! I’ll share you with the exact numbers, analytics and metrics I track in my business and what they mean to you the business owner. You’ll learn the essential five “numbers to know” and be given permission to forget the rest. 

No. 6



Money Management

Have a doable system to stay on track with your finances month-by-month

Swipe my step-by-step workflow for managing my business money in less than an hour a week

My exact systems for managing my finances and tracking client data

How to DIY your bookkeeping and prepare for tax time

How to build the right financial team with the exact questions you should be asking

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block seven

building block seven

In order to do what you love and actually get paid to work for yourself, you’re going to have to ask someone to buy it! But alas, where to begin with pricing? Scour the internet to find similar businesses? Act like a fake client and inquire to get quotes to price compare (you know you’ve done it)! What is this work worth? What am I WORTH? Let’s take a deep dive into pricing. This is going to change everything!!

In building block seven you’ll learn: my exact pricing formula to ensure profit on every job, every time! This formula will serve you for the rest of your days and help you understand the why behind your price. The byproduct of pricing is confidence and when you’re confident about why you charge what you charge, your clients will be confident as well. Leaving those days of emotional pricing and discounting in the dust. 

No. 7



Pricing for Profit

Get paid to do what you love!

Have clients say “yes” to big ticket items

How to deal with family and friend discounts

Have a repeatable pricing formula to use when quoting jobs or creating new products (= pricing easy button!)

Price for profit on every product, every job, every time

Understand the why behind your price

Stop feeling overworked and underpaid

Know the value of your product and your time

Pay yourself first, not from what’s left over (if any!)

Remove the emotional aspects of pricing

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block eight

building block eight

You’re endlessly hustling, only to see pennies in your bank account and every time you need to make a business expenditure, your palms sweat—what if you don’t have enough to pay the bills? You’re tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul and wondering if you’ll ever have much to show for all your hard work! Here’s the truth : Wealth isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how you spend the money you make! So it’s time to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went and create a spending plan you actually want to live by! 

In building block eight you’ll learn how to plan for cash flow and fluctuating income, manage your spending without being constantly tied to your bank account and finally feel free to spend and feel good about the investments you’re making! 

No. 8



Managing Cash Flow

Know with confidence you’re making the right investments in your business with my exact spending cheatsheet

Manage fluctuating cash flow and plan for the ebbs and flows

Make money on every job with certainty

Stay on top of your finances without being tied to your bank account

Know exactly where your money is going and feel in control of your finances

Stop bleeding cash and instead put more in your pocket at the end of the day

Make smart investments in your business without buyers remorse

Permission to spend and barriers to stop overspending 

Define enough and stop the fear of running out of money

What does that mean to you?


see what's in building block nine

building block nine

Get ready to plan your entire financial year and know exactly how many clients you need to pay your bills, pay yourself, and have some fun along the way! Want a nanny? Let’s make it happen! Ready to hire staff? Let’s plan for it! Time to take a steady paycheck, it’s so doable!

In building block nine I’ll share with you exactly how I plan my financial year, set my sales goal, break down my product launches and client work. The entire Blueprint Model is special but this last video pulls it all together in an incredible way! You’ll see how your time and your money work together so you can actually make money without sacrificing every waking minute of the day! This week it all clicks and you become a true believer and raving fan of the blueprint process! 

There is no other program out there like this and that’s why I can confidently say this program is a MUST for anyone who wants to get paid to work for themselves! No more hustling for “more more more” and finally feel peace and confidence in your finances! You ready? 

No. 9



Financial Planning

Know exactly how to pay yourself

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Feel confident in your ability to invest back into your business, hire staff or give yourself a raise

Know exactly how much profit you’re making

Know exactly how many clients you need to take on

Know exactly what it takes to actually make a living doing what you love

Start dreaming again!

What does that mean to you?



Program Overview:


What's inside The Blueprint Model

Walk step-by-step through accelerated 9 weeks of The Blueprint Model’s proven business curriculum

25+ training videos

Active Lesson Comments

A 60-page workbook with lesson prompts for deeper learning

Live Office Hours

My financial toolkit with 15 easy-to-use financial documents, templates + instructional videos

The Answer Vault with answers to hundreds of past students questions

Applicable Case Studies from students in your same stage of business and industry

Guidance and support from like-minded creatives inside our members-only community group

In addition to the nine core building blocks , you’ll also receive a library of advanced business training, and masterclasses from experts in marketing, branding, copywriting, and legal. 

The Bonus Suite

Bonus one

Are you struggling to book the right clients and need some help figuring out how to market your business? You built that beautiful website and have worked hard to perfect your Instagram grid but still hearing crickets? In this marketing masterclass, marketing expert Erin Benzakein (founder of Floret flower farm) shares the exact strategies she used to build a 7-figure flower farm company, what most of us are getting wrong when it comes to marketing our products, and how to start today gaining momentum and traction in your business with authentic marketing practices.

No. 1



How to build an audience of raving fans

next bonus

(Value $129) Included in your Blueprint Model tuition

Bonus two

I see you over there spending hours on your social media visuals and thousands on a website rebrand, but you’re having major blinking cursor syndrome when it comes to the words you want to say and can’t quite figure out your voice. Did you know visuals attract your audience but words “convert” them? Aka words matter in purchase decisions. In this sales masterclass, copywriting expert Ashlyn Carter (of Ashlyn Writes) shares how to write words that tell a story, speak to your ideal customer, and convert into sales! You are sure to walk away with the tools you need to find that “voice” you’ve been searching for and write words your ideal clients will actually listen to.

No. 2



What to say, when to say it.

(Value $247) Included in your Blueprint Model tuition

next bonus

Bonus three

Let’s get real : money and legal stuff. The two things that make every entrepreneur sweat! Ever wonder if you have the right legal jargon in your contract? Or maybe you find yourself in legal paralysis so don’t even have a contract yet! If so, you aren’t alone! In this legal masterclass, Christina Scalera (founder of The Contract Shop) is de-mystifying the conversation about contracts and sharing exactly what your contract needs to say and why! She will break down the legal stuff that totally makes us squirm so we understand how to protect ourselves, our clients and our work without spending bajillions on legal counsel.

No. 3



Ten Common Contract Mistakes, and how to avoid them

(Value $300) Included in your Blueprint Model tuition

next bonus

Bonus four

Ever wonder when is the right time to invest in branding? How much should you spend on logo design and a website? How do you create a recognizable brand and consistent products without spending thousands of dollars on a brand designer? In this branding masterclass, branding expert Megan Gonzalez (Founder Mae Mae & Co) will teach you the essential elements that make up a strong brand presence, how to maintain consistency throughout all your brand visuals and how to DIY your branding versus the right time to invest in a custom brand design. This masterclass is sure to save you thousands of wasted dollars on custom branding too early without sacrificing a beautiful brand from the get-go! 

No. 4



Branding Essentials

(Value $129) Included in your Blueprint Model tuition

next bonus

Bonus FIVE

Email swipe copy 
30-Page Business Plan template 
Audience Market Survey Cheat Sheet
Complete Business Resource Guide
Workflow Chart
Financial Checklists
Monthly “Focus” Sheets
Metrics & Analytics Tracking 

No. 5



Built-for-you Templates

(Value $999) Included in your Blueprint Model tuition

next bonus

Bonus SIX

Hillary Butler, artist 
Mattie Tiegreen, brand design
Perry Vaile, photography
Jessica McSweeney, paper goods 
Melissa Mahoney, interior design
Heather Payne, photography
Lindsay Jani, event planning
Mary Love Richardson, floral design
and more

No. 6



In-depth Case Studies

next bonus

Hear how others implemented The Blueprint Model framework into their businesses and the results they experienced because of it! You’ll have access to 15 “My Blueprint Story” case studies with practical application strategies, tips and inspiration along the journey. These success stories represent many industries, stages in business and locations and will be helpful to take The Blueprint Model theory and apply it to your business. 

Hear from:


The Bonus Suite:

PLUS exclusive access to

Shanna's Financial Toolkit

Pricing Calculator

Budget Breakdown

Sales Goal Tracking

Client Tracking Document

Financial Planner

Business Spending Plan

Numbers to Know

Cash Flow Plan

Money Date Checklist

Easy-to-use template financial spreadsheets that are essential to running your business

So how does it all work?

Click below for a behind-the-scenes tour!

Click below for a behind-the-scenes tour!

So how does it all work?

Click below for a behind-the-scenes tour!

Click below for a behind-the-scenes tour!

Let’s face it, at some point you’re going to have to learn the business-side of running your business. 

Here are your options:




Keep going at it alone scouring the internet and learning the hard-way

Traditional MBA programs can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $140,000 or more and let’s face it … might not be your kinda thing. 

Get the step-by-step tools and transform your business (and maybe even your life) in this 9-WEEK business transformation program!




Opportunity Cost & Lots of Time

2+ Years & Lots of $$

Single Payment of $1997 

I saved thousands of dollars and tears by taking this course. Completely worth it!

I've learned more valuable information in 6 weeks from Shanna than I did in 4 years of college and 1.5 years into my MBA.

Every bit of money and energy poured into this was WELL WORTH IT, and will be put to great use for years to come.

Katherine Corden

Caitlin Jane Lapinski

olivia huggins

the blueprint model

mba program


The Blueprint Model
proven business growth system

Includes Shanna's exclusive "blueprint" for business success, a step-by-step guide to creating a business model designed for profit and lifestyle! Plus access to expert training bonuses & in-depth case studies.


Click Here to Enroll

9-week online business program, designed BY A BUSINESS OWNER FOR BUSINESS OWNERS!




One Time

6 Payments

25+ training videos

60 page guided workbook

The exact financial documents I use to run my business

Templates, swipe copy and resource guides

Weekly Live Coaching with Shanna

14-day Money Back Guarantee



25+ training videos

60 page guided workbook

The exact financial documents I use to run my business

Templates, swipe copy and resource guides

Weekly Live Coaching with Shanna

14-day Money Back Guarantee



Single Payment

6 Monthly Payments

Former Fortune 100 financial advisor turned business consultant for go-getting entrepreneurs, I'm on a mission to bridge the gap between the world of money and entrepreneurship so you can feel confident in your finances, clarity in your direction, and freedom to be your own boss just as long as your heart desires!

My belief is simple: Business doesn’t have to mean hustle and client-work grind ‘til midnight. It doesn’t have to mean skipping paydays. It can mean margin, and it can mean rest.

Hi! I'm Shanna Skidmore,

Just a numbers girl living in a creative world!
Here to help you make money doing what you love.

Founder of The Blueprint Model.






Years in Industry

Online Students


Lives changed



Give it a try—Risk Free!

We offer a 14-day, no questions asked money back guarantee. 

money-back GUARANTEE

details  →

the best money I've spent in my entire life

Before I met Shanna I felt like my job was completely taking over my life. I felt chaotic, my brain felt like it was going to explode. I felt like I had no focus. Like I knew all these things that needed to happen or were happening on the business side of my business but there was no structure to it and I felt like a crazy person. After working with Shanna I felt like my life did a 180, both professionally and personally. All of the sudden I could just relax. There was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. If you’re thinking about going through the process with Shanna, the only thing I can say to you is DO IT, don’t even think twice. It’s literally the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life and I wish I could have her on my staff full time. I would pay her a million dollars if she would take that job ;).

Firefly Events

Teissia Treynet


You've got Questions? I've got answers!

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