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The Blueprint Model

by shanna skidmore

Let me introduce you to my proven, practical system for building a profitable, sustainable business that works (I've got eight years of testimonials to back it up!) ... and gives you your life back along the way.




What is The Blueprint Model? 

The Blueprint Model is a self-paced online business and finance program created specifically for creative entrepreneurs. It’s your a-z blueprint for starting and growing a profitable (actually puts money in your pocket), sustainable (doesn’t sacrifice your life to the non-stop hustle), and life-enriching business! 

Created by former Fortune 100 financial advisor, Shanna Skidmore, this is THE business program every creative entrepreneur needs to make money doing what they love.

without sacrificing your health, sanity and relationships along the way! 

the best business investment I have made

Shanna's content met me right where I was at- and I watched it do the same for everyone else. I believe this course can radically improve your business no matter what season you are in, which is pretty amazing! When I signed up, I read a review that said if you couldn't afford the course then to sell something, because it was that good. I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration- but having walked through it now- I 110% agree! Find a way to invest because NOTHING is disappointing, left out, or presented as a shortcut. The course is so well created, with so much intention and thought poured into every step. This was hands down the best business investment I have made!

Tiffany Farley & The Fount Collective

Tiffany Farley

Absolutely worth every penny!

Better than any of my university courses

the best investment I have ever made in my business

I Created a Business That Inspires Me Without The Pressure of Paying My Bills

"The Blueprint Model is amazing! Everything is laid out in a way that builds on the previous part. Content is broken down into manageable pieces that aren't so intimidating. Let's face it, these topics can be a little daunting. And Shanna is so encouraging even just in the video content itself. Absolutely worth every penny!"

"I'm graduating college this December with a BS in Business Administration, and Shanna's course has helped me understand finances better than any of my university courses. She tailors the information to entrepreneurs and small businesses and does a great job of explaining finances to the average person. I love that I now have a system for pricing my work! It takes the guesswork away completely."

"This is literally a life-changing course. I had been in business for over ten years and was paying my bills as needed. But walking through this course literally redesigned my approach to my business and brought me peace of mind (a priceless gift), more time with my family, and helped me separate the emotional attachment I had to my art from the business transactions I had with my clients. This course was transformational and the best investment I have ever made in my business."

"As I hit the start of 2014, I realized things could go one of two ways for me. I could keep going as I was, taking on a ton of work locally and burning myself to death doing smaller, low budget events. Or, I could create a strategy that allowed me to do what I knew would inspire me long term. Working alongside Shanna, I learned to start keeping everything I made in my business actually in the business. I developed a financial strategy to grow my company at the rate I wanted to and without having to sacrifice my passions or creativity along the way."

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Emily Christisen

liz cook

Heather payne

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Emily Christisen

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Whether you want to turn your side-hustle dream into your full-time reality, transform your existing business, or turn your passion into profit, The Blueprint Model will help you:

Price for profit on every project, every time
Pay yourself on a consistent, monthly basis without worrying about having enough 
Attract more ideal clients and build an audience of raving fans
Balance your work and home life without sacrificing what you love most
Create a sales goal and a financial plan to steward those profits with intention
Have Confidence you’re doing the right things to grow your business
Budget your money and invest wisely in your business

Define success and clarify your business vision
Increase your sales and profits
Focus and prioritize your time
Charge what you're worth 
Get more done in less time
Understand your business finances


8 years doing this full-time and I’m finally giving myself an actual salary.

I'm 82% booked for next year as of this morning. Thats WILD. Normally right now, I might have 25% booked for the following year and one client just booked me at my highest package and a zillion extra hours—so it's a hair shy of 10k.....which totally blows my little mind to smithereens. You have impacted my life {and that of my family} in SO MANY WAYS - I’m not sure I could ever thank you enough! Today I actually set up an auto transfer from my business checking to my personal checking… and I will actually get paid the same amount every.single.friday…. Insane right? 8 years doing this full-time and I’m finally giving myself an actual salary. All thanks to Shanna Skidmore and this class! 

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meg hamilton

Sales doubled!

"My visitation has tripled and my sales doubled. This is my record month since opening my doors. "

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

roadmap for success


"The Blueprint Model was literally life-changing. Not only from a business perspective, but the program helps you put all the pieces of your life into a beautiful picture of intentionality. Shanna does a FANTASTIC job of guiding you through 12 weeks of building your own roadmap for success. Every bit of money and energy poured into this was WELL WORTH IT, and will be put to great use for years to come."

"At first I thought, I don’t have have money to spend on a course like that right now because it is a big investment. I applied for the scholarship in the fall and didn’t get the scholarship, but it really started to get my wheels turning and I realized this might be something I need. And it turns out The Blueprint Model completely revolutionized my business. The investment I made in the course paid off so much in the time management and financial skills I learned—you can’t put a number on that!"

Olivia Huggins

Laura Michael

Olive & Grain

Laura Beth Michael

How does it work?

The Blueprint Model is a self-paced online business course. I took everything I learned from the past fifteen years in finance and working with thousands of business owners and simplified the key elements of success into six essential "building blocks". From pricing to money mindset to goal setting, you'll learn how to turn your business dream into an income-generating, life-enriching, enjoyable business without burnout.

The entire program is available online inside our members-only website so you can learn from the comfort of your pjs while the baby naps and re-watch as often as possible. Our community aspect is #squadgoals and includes bi-monthly coaching calls live with Shanna to get individual feedback on what you're working on. 


Former Fortune 100 financial advisor turned business consultant for creative entrepreneurs, I'm on a mission to bridge the gap between the world of money and creative entrepreneurship so you can feel confident in your finances, clarity in your direction, and freedom to go on creating just as long as your heart desires!

My belief is simple: Business doesn’t have to mean hustle and client-work grind ‘til midnight. It doesn’t have to mean skipping paydays. It can mean margin, and it can mean rest.

Hi! I'm Shanna Skidmore,

A numbers girl living in a creative world!
I created The Blueprint Model just for you, the creative one.

Founder of The Blueprint Model.






Years in Industry

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Lives changed

the best money I've spent in my life

I'm feeling so much better in my business because I'm in control and I'm not being controlled by my customer. This is the best money I've spent in my life, which is saying a lot because the second best money I've ever spent was to go see Beyonce in concert. You're ahead of Beyonce.

Queeni Kathleeni

Katie ryan

up sixty freaking percent this whole year

I have my cash flow plan beside me and I have been up SIXTY FREAKING PERCENT this whole year simply by planning ahead for slow months and all the sudden the money is there. What! You are brilliant and I am so grateful for you and the way you love us and take care of our hearts and just are YOU! I sometimes feel like that 2nd grade kid who’s like, “Teacher! Look - I did my homework!”

Hillary Butler Fine Art

Hillary butler

I Launched My Greeting Card Company Debt Free

Before the Blueprint Model, I had no idea what any of my numbers were or what they were supposed to be. When you don’t know those numbers, you don’t really know what’s possible for you. So with this new knowledge in mind, in 2016 I made a choice to pivot my business completely. I looked at the numbers. And I made the choices I needed to step into those moments by launching my greeting card business, Little Well Paper Co. And I did it completely debt free!

Little Well Paper Co.

Jessica McSweeney

this time with the blueprint you've been longing for.

Say goodbye to Financial Stress & understand your numbers like never before! 

If you’re tired of burnout, stress, not making what you're worth, and spending more time making a living than making a life, then it's time to pause and start again, 






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